Who are we?

 "Outreach Israel" is a Mental Health service model developed by clinical psychologist Or Hareven in 2014.

Our team includes mental health professionals from different branches of psychology, psychiatry and social work, that are working together to achieve our main mission: to reach out and provide mental health services to those who need it.

Our goal

Our goal in Outreach Israel is to offer tailored and accessible psychotherapy services for people who cannot benefit from mental health services in their conventional methods.

Our core belief is that it is possible -and sometimes inevitable- to provide therapy in an uncompromising professional standard, while using creative and flexible methods to make it more accessible and suitable for vaster populations in need. We strive to reach out and actively address psychological and physical obstacles, that make treatment unattainable for many.

Who do we help?

 We offer therapy to anyone who needs, wants or can benefit from mental care, but which the conventional psychotherapy settings are not suitable for them for different physical and/or mental reasons.

Our patients are people facing challenges in different areas such as:

  •  Temporary or permanent physically disabilities, including the geriatric population.
  •  Mental conditions that are restricting and influencing one’s well-being and functional level such as: psychosis, depression, anxieties, addictions, personality disorders, life crises, trauma, social isolation etc.
  •  Families of people who are resisting or avoiding professional help, although he/she is in need for it.

In general, anyone who feels like the conventional settings and methods of mental treatment are not suitable or simply not enough for them, can benefit from our service.

How do we work?

For these individuals and families, we offer custom-made mental health frameworks and services, following a thorough intake and assessment. In accordance to the specific needs, challenges and strengths, we create unique frameworks for enabling treatment. We strive to match as accurately as possible between the needs of the patients and their families, and the different characteristics of the treatment and therapists, to achieve the best outcomes.

Our service usually includes one or more of the following elements:

  • In home (or other life environment) individual psychotherapy
  •  Family interventions/ parents’ guidance
  •  Strengthening or creating social support-networks
  •  Clinical case management
  •  Supporting rehabilitation processes

The psychotherapy we provide is based on the most appropriate and up to date psychological theories and tools, to match the challenges our clients are facing. Those may include Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR and a combination of tools derived from the fields of clinical psychology, social work, street work and other reaching out methods.

In most cases, the therapeutic work touches the inner and outer worlds of the patient, namely working-through psychological issues, side by side with providing skills for dealing with functional real life challenges.

The interventions can be intensive or assertive if needed, and can be done by a single therapist or a team that is built up for a specific case, all according to the needs.

We believe that therapy is based on the resources the patients bring with them, resources that therapists bring with them, and by the resources that both sides manage to develop together. As part of the treatment plan, we therefore try to identify these resources together, and harness them for the benefit of the patients.

In our experience, even when a person feels that the spring has dried up – his energies are exhausted, and his surroundings do not have the ability or the desire to help him- additional resources can be created for him through a significant therapeutic process.

Our team in Outreach Israel

 One of the fundamental aspects of Outreach work is teamwork; We believe in the power of multi-professional work to create a significant effect of change for the better. Following the assessment, we build a treatment plan, and pick out the professionals from our team that will have the most chances to achieve the best outcomes.

Our team includes  professionals from different branches of psychology, psychiatry and social work. All are trained in working within people’s natural environment, and supervision is provided regularly to provide the best solutions for problems that may rise.

Our Advantage

 There are situations in which we see a significant advantage in choosing to conduct the treatment in the patient's real-life space; these conditions more accurately match his or her needs, and it allows the therapist to discover firsthand the patient's life circumstances and the difficulties involved. In their own environment, patients reveal more clearly what assistance they need. It is easier to see what their talents and hobbies are, where their strengths lie, and what support is available in their environment. In turn, this makes it easier to help them find solutions that tie in with their surrounding.

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